Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold

Contributing Writer

Aaron Gold is a contributor to PopPhoto, writing primarily about all things related to film and film photography. An automotive journalist by day, Aaron is an avid film photographer (also by day, because he doesn’t much care for flash photos), his shelves overflowing with a rag-tag fleet of 35mm and medium-format film cameras. A native New Yorker, Aaron lives in Los Angeles with his family, which includes a spouse, two kids, two dogs, two guinea pigs, a horse, and a mule.



  • Career journalist with a passion for demystifying seemingly complex subjects
  • Long-time film photographer
  • Past byliner for DPReview, 35MMC, and KosmoFoto


Aaron Gold has spent the bulk of his career as an automotive journalist, writing for web and print publications including MotorTrend (where he currently serves as a Senior Editor), Automobile, Edmunds, Consumer Reports, Autobytel, Britain’s What Car?, and AutoExpress. An avid photographer since the 1990s, Aaron returned to film photography and development in recent years and has written film-related content for a variety of online publications.


Aaron graduated from the State University of New York College at Brockport with a bachelor’s degree in communications, taking his photography classes at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York. He was intending to graduate with an art minor but missed it by one class, giving it up to pursue an internship with a car magazine in London.

Favorite photography subject

I love B&W photography with traditional-grain film—to me, almost any subject is more interesting in B&W. I particularly like portraiture and street photography, but any subject is fair game; any excuse to use an old camera and develop my own film. For my color photography, I like to concentrate on shapes, patterns, and textures. If it’s old and rusty, I want to make a photo of it.

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