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Our Mission

Popular Photography empowers readers to make the most out of the cameras in their hands. With expert yet easy-to-follow advice at its core, PopPhoto showcases the tools, techniques, and inspiration enthusiasts need to create great pictures. 

As a brand, PopPhoto is… 

  • A Curator, who inspires creativity in our readers by surfacing stunning images, showcasing and discussing the attributes that take a picture from good to great
  • A Mentor, who explains the technology, techniques, and principles of photography to empower everyone to take amazing photos. 
  • An Analyst, who puts pictures in context, tracking the news, trends, and technology that shape the past, present, and future of photography. 

Our History

Founded in 1937, Popular Photography was among the first photography publications geared for the masses. The magazine offered extensive camera equipment tests and tech reviews, how-to guides, looks into the shifting culture of photography, and industry news. It became a go-to source for clever photography tips and insights on the best cameras and techniques around. In 1989, the magazine absorbed competitor Modern Photography, followed by AmericanPHOTO in 2015. 

Relaunched in December 2021, the new PopPhoto embraces that there’s a camera in almost every hand—and that you don’t need a bagful of pricey camera gear to make unforgettable pictures. This view allows access to a wide-open world of new platforms, emerging voices, and eclectic visions, all of which empower everyone from aspiring photographers to those already part of the world of professional photography.  

The top stories we tell

Everything you need to know about the best camera brands

Tech reviews that delve into everything from tripods to the best bags

Photography tips and tricks to make great images

Who we are

The Popular Photography staff, team, and contributors:


Editor-in-Chief, PopSci & PopPhoto: Annie Colbert
Executive Gear Editor: Stan Horazcek
Associate Editor: Abby Ferguson
Design Director: Russ Smith
Contributors: Jeff Carlson, Jack Crager, Aaron Gold, Harry Guinness, Wenmei Hill, Jeanette D. Moses, Theano Nikitas, Mike Padua, Bob Rose, Terry Sullivan, Mike Tomkins


General Manager: Adam Morath 
Senior Director of Commerce: Billy Cadden
Senior Director, Product Development: Amy Schellenbaum
PR Coordinator: Ben Lankford

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