A race car zips down the track to a child’s delight. The sun’s last golden tendrils cling to a cloudy sky. A horse and its rider share a tender moment. For this week’s Photo of the Day challenge, we asked readers to show us what they most love to photograph, and the results are a delightful mélange of subjects. 

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Lead image by Rudiescu on Flickr. See more work here

Best buds

photo of the day horse and rider
See more of Lucia’s work here. Lucia Williams

Lucia Williams touchingly captures the trust and bond between a horse and its rider—something crucial when performing stunts. 


photo of the day geometric buliding
See more of Chris’ work here. Chris For

Chris For’s use of B&W draws the eye to the structure’s distinct geometric patterns and the landscape’s fading light. There’s an air of drama and loneliness that pervades the frame. 


photo of the day canada games 2022
See more of Jeff’s work here. Jeff Dennis

Jeff Dennis makes a splash with a split-second frame from the 2022 Canada Games. The lines in this image add to its compelling allure. 

Sunset serenity 

photo of the day sunset on the beach
See more of Debra’s work here. Debra Clare

It’s the last warmth and glow of a sunset, a daily event that always brings a little melancholy. Debra Clare’s image displays the wonder and awe of standing under a vast sky in the dying light. 

Zoom zoom

photo of the day racetrack
See more of Angie’s work here. Angie Muzeni-Corino

Angie Muzeni-Corino’s picture captures the energy of a day at the racetrack, buffered by the innocent curiosity of a child peering between the chain-link fence, hoping for a glimpse of the action. 

Red-winged Fairywren

photo of the day red wing fairywren
See more of Dalida’s work here. Dalida Innes

A fluffy Fairywren precariously balances on a flower’s stem, the florals’ deep red petals a perfect punctuation mark on the scene shot by Dalida Innes.