From Cézanne and Van Gogh to the Flemish aces, still life is a genre much studied, quite revered, and difficult to master. Done right, images are rife with symbolism and filled with compositional mastery. So, for this week’s Photo of the Day challenge, we want to see your interpretation of the still life genre, whether it be a traditional take or one with a contemporary spin. 

This week’s theme

Despite the historic nature of the theme, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. After all, the only thing a still life requires is an inanimate subject. For a more traditional take, consider objects that relate to nature or humanity, from fruit and skulls to plants and glassware. Or simply grab some household items, try your hand at arranging them, and snap a photo. (i.e. skip the skulls).

How to enter

To submit, use #popphotooftheday on Instagram or Twitter, or submit to our Flickr pool or our Facebook group. If joining the Facebook group, please answer the membership questions and agree to the group rules.

And please limit your entries to no more than three per platform. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

More info

For more info on Photos of the Day, including the official rules, head here.