Camera cleaning tools may not be very glamorous, but they are necessary. Keeping your equipment clean not only prevents you from having to spend time editing out water spots or smudges that were on your lens, but it can also keep your camera and lenses working better for longer. The LensPen is one of the most versatile and popular lens-cleaning tools around. And while it isn’t expensive when full-priced, it is currently 50 percent off, which is its lowest price ever on Amazon. It’s a great time to pick one (or some) up for yourself, or maybe as stocking stuffers for photographers you know.

LensPen NLP-1 $6.50 (was $12.95)



The LensPen is a very simple tool that could really come in handy on or even in-between shoots. It utilizes a patented carbon cleaning compound on one end, which cleans your lens without any fluids required. The other end features a soft, retractable brush for when you just have some dust that needs to be swept away. It lasts a long time, but at this price, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few to keep in different camera bags so that you are never without.

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